Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Birthday box card

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  This is Kara here to inspire you!
I have had a box card on my wish list for quite some time.  I've seen so many extravagant box cards and also some simple cards.
I study up on how I want to go about a card via Youtube, Pinterest and Google.  How do you get inspiration or instructions?
I found the exact size I wanted and rolled with it.  It truly is not that hard to make.  I found the hardest part deciding how I wanted to place the embellishments.
I started out with the 12x12 white base I wanted.  Using my board and cutter, I cut and scored where needed.  Ending with the box base to be decorated. 

I then cut all of my panels needed.  I knew I wanted the card to be bright and fun for a 7th birthday card.
After I had all of my panels cut,  I used scor tape for a secure hold .


I assembled placed all of the panels onto the box base before I made the final box.  After reading several tutorials, I came to the conclusion that placing the panels on flat would be easiest.  I agree, it would have been tough to do with the box already in box formation.
Next step was to place the dividers into the center.  I used glue for this.  I wanted a tiny bit of leeway to move it around if need be.
Next task was to decide what embellishments I was going to use.  I decided on the Die-Versions stamp set, Make-a-Wish-Stamps and Make-a-Wish-Dies.  I colored in each embellishment with colored pencils and used stickles to accent the confetti. I also added some twine to the balloon strings.
Placing these embellishments seemed to be my hardest task of the entire project.  I used transparency film to hold the embellishments.  I knew I wanted a few to be higher than the first layers.  Here is a look from the top.  I ended up covering the original white dividers I had in there.  Using the colorful cardstock from the panels.
When placing your embellishments on the card, be sure to keep in mind the folding of the card.   It will fold flat and fit in an envelope.  You can see the one set of balloons are to the right, that is the side my card 'closed' to lay flat in the envelope.   If you have no intention on placing in an envelope, then do not worry about which ways the embellishments stick out.
It turned out so gorgeous and I am so happy with it.  I can see this style will become my go to.
The back panel can be used for more embellishments or for your note to the person receiving.  It was 1 am when I was finishing this, so I went with a simple note on the back.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'd love to hear your feedback..
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  1. What a fun box card! Love the pastel colors and all the festive embellishments!

  2. Love this fun and cheery birthday box card!!